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Nevertheless, the other three sessions focused on algorithms, on ultrametric and combinatorial aspects of trees and on disordered systems. Most papers in this volume are both of high level and of pedagogical interest. Here you'll also find all the source code from the book available for download so you don't have to type it all in. Strings Acknowledgments This book wouldn't exist but for a legion of people standing, knowing and unknowing, behind the authors.

At the head of this legion would have to be our editor, Linda Mui, carrot on a stick in one hand and a hot poker in the other.

She was great. As the author of Perl, Larry Wall was our ultimate reality check. He made sure we weren't documenting things he was planning to change and helped out on wording and style. Larry's wife, Gloria, a literary critic by trade, shocked us by reading through every single word - and actually liking most of them. Our three most assiduous reviewers, Mark-Jason Dominus, Jon Orwant, and Abigail, have worked with us on this book nearly as long as we've been writing it.

Their rigorous standards, fearsome intellects, and practical experience in Perl applications have been of invaluable assistance. Doug Edwards methodically stress-tested every piece of code from the first seven chapters of the book, finding subtle border cases no one else ever thought about. And this is just the beginning. Part of what makes Perl fun is the sense of community and sharing it seems to engender. Many selfless individuals lent us their technical expertise.


Some read through complete chapters in formal review. Others provided insightful answers to brief technical questions when we were stuck on something outside our own domain.

A few even sent us code. And let's not forget Perl itself, without which this book could never have been written. Appropriately enough, we used Perl to build endless small tools to aid in the production of this book. Perl tools converted our text in pod format into troff for displaying and review and into FrameMaker for production. Another Perl program ran syntax checks on every piece of code in the book.

The Tk extension to Perl was used to build a graphical tool to shuffle around recipes using drag-and-drop. Beyond these, we also built innumerable smaller tools for tasks like checking RCS locks, finding duplicate words, detecting certain kinds of grammatical errors, managing mail folders with feedback from reviewers, creating program indices and tables of contents, and running text searches that crossed line boundaries or were restricted to certain sections - just to name a few.

Some of these tools found their way into the same book they were used on.

Tom Thanks first of all to Larry and Gloria for sacrificing some of their European vacation to groom the many nits out of this manuscript, and to my other friends and family - Bryan, Sharon, Brent, Todd, and Drew for putting up with me over the last couple of years and being subjected to incessant proofreadings.

I'd like to thank Nathan for holding up despite the stress of his weekly drives, my piquant vegetarian cooking and wit, and his getting stuck researching the topics I so diligently avoided.


I'd like to thank those largely unsung titans in our field - Dennis, Linus, Kirk, Eric, and Rich - who were all willing to take the time to answer my niggling operating system and troff questions. Their wonderful advice and anecdotes aside, without their tremendous work in the field, this book could never have been written.

Thanks also to my instructors who sacrificed themselves to travel to perilous places like New Jersey to teach Perl in my stead. I'd like to thank Tim O'Reilly and Frank Willison first for being talked into publishing this book, and second for letting time-to-market take a back seat to time-to-quality. Thanks also to Linda, our shamelessly honest editor, for shepherding dangerously rabid sheep through the eye of a release needle.

Most of all, I want to thank my mother, Mary, for tearing herself away from her work in prairie restoration and teaching high school computer and biological sciences to keep both my business and domestic life in smooth working order long enough for me to research and write this book.

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Finally, I'd like to thank Johann Sebastian Bach, who was for me a boundless font of perspective, poise, and inspiration - a therapy both mental and physical. I am certain that forevermore the Cookbook will evoke for me the sounds of BWV , now indelibly etched into the wetware of head and hand. Nat Without my family's love and patience, I'd be baiting hooks in a foot swell instead of mowing my lawn in suburban America. Thank you!

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I owe a debt of gratitude to the denizens of Nerdsholm, who gave sound technical advice and introduced me to my wife they didn't give me sound technical advice on her, though. Thanks also to my employer, Front Range Internet, for a day job I don't want to quit.

Tom was a great co-author. Without him, this book would be nasty, brutish, and short. Finally, I have to thank Jenine. We'd been married a year when I accepted the offer to write, and we've barely seen each other since then. Nobody will savour the final full-stop in this sentence more than she.

Accessing Substrings 1. Introduction Many programming languages force you to work at an uncomfortably low level. You think in lines, but your language wants you to deal with pointers. You think in strings, but it wants you to deal with bytes. Such a language can drive you to distraction. Don't despair, though - Perl isn't a low-level language; lines and strings are easy to handle.

Perl was designed for text manipulation. In fact, Perl can manipulate text in so many ways that they can't all be described in one chapter. Check out other chapters for recipes on text processing. In particular, see Chapter 6, Pattern Matching, and Chapter 8, File Contents, which discuss interesting techniques not covered here.